Opportunities to acquire and retain customers for automobile dealerships of all sizes.

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Attention Automobile Dealerships:

Become a part of the Customer Management Systems Client Family. We provide automotive CRM solutions to dealerships in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. We give all our dealerships the support they deserve through online training, monthly in-store servicing, and professional reporting detailing each salesperson's activity. Call us at 800.842.1820 to speak to one of our qualified Sales Representatives.

Automobile Dealerships

Automobile DealershipsCustomer Management Systems™ is a proven leader in automotive CRM solutions to target, acquire, retain, and understand prospective and sold customers. The combination of unique and industry-specific products and services, coupled with the efforts of an experienced sales and service team has established CMS as a leading provider of CRM solutions and fulfillment  for automobile dealerships.

We act as dealership consultants to help automobile dealerships increase sales and customer satisfaction through our comprehensive CRM programs and fulfillment capabilities. Through the utilization of our Connex® Product Suite and assessment process (completed by our dealership consultants), we offer professionally customized automotive CRM solutions and fulfillment services to effectively target, acquire, retain, and understand prospective and sold customers. We will work with your sales team, as consultants, to make certain that every customer is being properly nurtured to ensure satisfaction with his or her visit to your showroom. More importantly, we work to identify ways to target and acquire new customers that will drive your business’s growth. Dealership training, which includes on-site servicing from our experienced sales and service team to assist your managers and sales professionals in the most effective use of our CRM programs, is a standard part of our services.

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We can provide all back office services for your dealership. We will support you with training on the proper use of our CRM programs.

Call us at 1.800.842.1820 or email us at info@cmsdealer.com to find out how we can help you meet your needs for a CRM programs and. or fulfillment center.