Programs to help salespeople sell by configuring best in-class solutions

CAconnexion 4.0

CAconnexion is an affordable solution for your dealership. We are not trying to compete with the larger CRM programs. We offer a basic Sales Automation Tool that is designed to help dealerships stay organized and follow-up. CMS can integrate with all DMS systems. If you have the data, we can use it! All products are completely customizable. Don't waste your money buying a large system when you can get CAconnexion for a fraction of the cost. Call us today to set up your FREE Dealership Assessment. Schedule now with Dominic at 330.608.9047.

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CONNEX Acquisition


CAprospect follows up on prospective customers identified through walk-ins, the Internet or by phone. Timely communications are provided by letter, email and postcards. You'll establish customized points of contact. Those who become "sold" will not receive further communication through the CAprospectfollow-up program, but can then be tracked via the CRcontactcustomer relationship management (CRM) program.

We know that the timing of your follow-up is extremely important. That's why these communications are critical to assisting your sales staff in closing more customers. You'll move more prospects to buyers with professionally prepared communications sent directly to those unsold customers'. When combined with the CAconnexion touch point reminders your salespeople will have an edge into today's competitive marketplace.  

An optional phone survey is available to identify "hot prospects."

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