Long-term customer follow-up to increase repeat and referral business

CAconnexion 4.0

CAconnexion is an affordable solution for your dealership. We are not trying to compete with the larger CRM programs. We offer a basic Sales Automation Tool that is designed to help dealerships stay organized and follow-up. CMS can integrate with all DMS systems. If you have the data, we can use it! All products are completely customizable. Don't waste your money buying a large system when you can get CAconnexion for a fraction of the cost. Call us today to set up your FREE Dealership Assessment. Schedule now with Dominic at 330.608.9047.

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CONNEX Retention


RetentionCRcontact is a comprehensive solution for consistent and timely long-term customer follow-up to "sold" customers. It delivers targeted messages over a period of five years, beginning with a Thank You and followed by as many as 25 points of communication over the next several years.

You provide us with information about vehicles sold or leased to your customers and we do the rest! We develop premium customer follow-up communication pieces to either send by email or from a variety of printed material. Our support includes: on-site servicing and a broad range of sales management tools to help manage your sales staff and to ensure that our CRM programs are used effectively.

Call us at 1-800-842-1820 or email us at info@cmsdealer.com to learn more about our automotive CRM solutions and/ or fulfillment services.