A proven leader in programs to target, acquire, retain, and understand customers for automobile dealerships.

PASCO® Corporate Highlights

PASCO® Are you looking for exciting career opportunities? You can view current open positions at PASCO by visiting the Employment Opportunities page or by calling our Human Resources Department at 330-655-7205.

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Validati® provides comprehensive information technology services to both the public and private sectors. The company specializes in insurance verification services for financial institutions and state governments. Validati® offers collateral insurance tracking programs for clients who need to verify insurance compliance. Whether you need to avoid the risk of uninsured collateral or just need to outsource the process to insure high quality, service-oriented details, Validati® brings solutions to you. To learn more visit the Validati website. Click the link below.

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CELCO provides comprehensive debt recovery services for government entities and the private sectors. The company specializes in debt recovery for medical, student loan, personal and business taxes. CELCO utilizes its business, operational, and collection experience to manage all aspects of the debt collection process. CLECO provides its clients with quality customer-focused services.

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CELCO understands that optimizing cash flow is critical to the financial well-being of your business. The ability to manage these receivables and get results is essential to the business cycle. CELCO is here to help!




Customer Management Systems™, Inc. (CMS) was founded by an enterprising, automotive sales professional as a multi-faceted, customer relationship management (CRM) program, designed for use in the automotive retail business.


PASCO®, a holding company located in Hudson, OH, purchased Customer Management Systems™. We began to market the program using a direct sales force under the product name of CustomServ™. As a customer relationship management (CRM) program, CustomServ™ enhanced dealerships' customer retention, built repeat and referral business and improved customer satisfaction.


We re-branded our customer relationship management (CRM) products and introduced the Connex® Product Suite. We then began offering multiple customer acquisition and retention services and were cross-selling additional services. Enhancing the services that we brought to our customers, we introduced cmsdealer.com. The website improved communication with our customers and provided a quicker turn-around on their requests.


We increased the effectiveness of our customer acquisition and retention services and introduced Connex® Marketing to maximize the potential from dealership databases of current and prospective customers and to identify new selling opportunities.


Customer Management Systems™ continues to enhance the Connex® Product Suite. We introduced CRcontact 7.1, a series of products that increase the impact and choice dealerships have with communication pieces by introducing email and premium print pieces for both prospects and sold customers. In addition, a personalized web page, MyCMS, was introduced to dealerships to help manage their Connex® products online. All products in the 7.1 series were designed to increase customer acquisition and retention opportunities. Customer Management Systems™ also launched CMS Italia on October 7 with several Italian dealerships located in Northern Italy.


Customer Management Systems™ continues to work with dealership management and salesmen to improve our products and services. Our sales automation tool for automotive salesmen, CAconnexion, is currently on version 3.2. This version has enhanced reporting, giving salesmen the ability to rate prospects and the ability to capture leads through a license scanner.

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Customer Management Systems upgraded their internal CMS applications. CAconnexion, the CMS web-based sales automation tool, was also upgraded to a new platform. The application is version 4.0 and was released in September 2014 to all it's current customers. The development of both applications allows for better performance, easier integration with Third Parties, and enhanced security for customer records!

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Customer Management Systems has upgraded the entire application and database at no charge to our customers. Current Release: CAconnexion 4.0

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Customer Management Systems is consistently working to enhance our programs and applications. We are always gathering information from our dealerships.

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